StorReduce and Major US newspaper group

StorReduce Case Study

StorReduce and Google Cloud enable a major US Newspaper group to cost effectively and securely store backups to cloud.

This company’s management wished to remove tape storage because it was costly, is a cumbersome manual human process and it is risky and hard to recover backups from tape. Their tape robot was coming up for renewal and instead of re-investing in this legacy storage mode they wished to move their backup storage to cloud, which is much more scalable, durable and cost effective.

Their backups were being made by Veritas NetBackup. StorReduce is contained in the NetBackup Cloud Console and therefore it enabled a mere configuration change to point the company’s backups away from legacy tape storage to Google Coldline cloud storage. After a successful Proof of Concept, StorReduce and Google Cloud were selected as the storage medium for this company’s long term and secondary backups.

Instead of the cost of buying a new tape robot and employing teams to do daily tape rotations to hand to a 3rd party offsite tape storage provider, the entire process is fully automated and fail-safe: Veritas NetBackup takes the backup, StorReduce deduplicates the backups on-premises inline and transfers them securely with up to 30X reduction in bandwidth and reduction in backup window time, to store up to 30X smaller in Google Coldline.

All recoveries are near instantaneous and available in Google Coldline or the client can recover back to on-premises. Apart from a large cost saving and removing a manual process, the client now has the peace of mind that the backups are stored on the highly secure, redundant Google Coldline cloud with no single point of data loss, unlike legacy tape storage.

This Newspaper Group has been in production with StorReduce and Google Cloud since December 2016 with over 200 Terabytes backed up.