StorReduce and Equinix Partner to Reduce a US Healthcare Company's on-cloud Backup Costs by over 85%

StorReduce Case Study

StorReduce and Equinix Partner to Reduce a US Healthcare Company's on-cloud Backup Costs by over 85%, to Enable a Cost Effective Move of their IT Infrastructure into AWS Cloud.

About Equinix and StorReduce

Equinix provides Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions and migration services, helping enterprise organizations adopt and integrate cloud technologies. Partnering with cloud platform and product industry leaders, Equinix delivers end-to-end capabilities to help enterprises build scalable, highly available, resilient, cost efficient and secure interconnected cloud environments.

StorReduce is the leading provider of on-cloud and on-premises inline deduplication software which enables enterprises to reduce their unstructured data, typically backup workloads, to as little as 3%. It speeds up transfer time to and between clouds 30X and reduces the cost of storage for workloads on-cloud by up to 97%. StorReduce has a scalable cloud interface and works with major backup technologies including Veritas NetBackup 7.7, CommVault, Oracle RMAN, EMC CloudArray, CloudBerry and more. StorReduce works on most public clouds including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, plus many private cloud object stores including IBM Cloud Object Storage (formerly Cleversafe), Hitachi Content Platform and HGST Active Archive.

Removing the Client’s Barrier to Moving IT Infrastructure to Cloud - reducing the cost of backups on-cloud by over 85%

Equinix’s customer, a leading US provider of healthcare services, was backing up their organization’s servers to an on-premises purpose built backup appliance which was protecting approximately 10 Terabytes of backup data. For compliance reasons, the customer wanted to retain daily backups for 180 days, which would total 1.8 Petabytes of storage.

The customer wished to move all of their on-premises IT infrastructure to public cloud to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud over on-premises storage and computing including: more durability for their data, scalability of computing resources and the cloud’s superior disaster recovery.

In assessing the costs of moving their IT infrastructure into cloud, given the retention period, frequency of their on-cloud backups and the growth rate of their data, Equinix realized that storing backups on cloud would be too expensive for their customer.

Equinix investigated implementing StorReduce’s on-cloud inline deduplication, directly available from AWS Marketplace to reduce the volume of the customer’s on-cloud backup data and cloud storage cost. Projecting the costs of the customer storing straight to AWS S3 versus using StorReduce to deduplicate and store on AWS S3 (including StorReduce’s fees), Equinix found that StorReduce would reduce the cost of storing their customer’s backups from $277,000 p.a. down to $30,000 p.a., saving them $247,000 per annum, 89% of their storage cost.

This significant reduction in cloud storage cost for Equinix’s client made it worthwhile cost-wise to lift their IT infrastructure fully into the AWS Cloud and to do their primary backups on-cloud rather than on-premises.

Equinix implemented CloudBerry Backup using StorReduce deduplication.

Bill Young, Director Professional Services at Equinix commented on StorReduce that “This is the first time in a long time that something does exactly what it says it will. We’re very happy.”

For more information on how Equinix and StorReduce can help move your backups to cloud or reduce your on-cloud costs, please see or contact StorReduce on +1 408 769 6118 or email Free trials of StorReduce’s software are available for on-cloud (for cost optimization on-cloud) and on-premises (for migration to cloud). Use the StorReduce TCO Calculators to work out how much you will save for: